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Calendar of the college is the  essential document and a guide to the academic frontiers, opportunities, legal  responsibilities as well as the moral etho of the college. The rules and  regulations laid down herein are mandatory for all bonafide students of the  college, and is subject to additions and deletions as would be felt necessary  in the interest of the institute or directions of the Government.


To keep pace with the fast  changing environ of higher education, the rules may also change in case of  necessities in course of time. The college authority reverses the right to  amend, insert and delete any of its part, section as would be deemed fit. The  contents here in cannot be used for deriving any other implication other than  what is perceived by the college. Hence there is no scope for legal challenge  by the students without the permission of the Principal.


A copy of the college calendar  will be made available to each student after admission to any of the streams.  The student is to follow the guidance in letter and spirit.


The college authority with in the  ambit of these rules and regulations will offer equal opportunities to each and  every student to protect him/her self against any discrimination and unwanted  hazards in pursuance of his/her studies and academic activities during his/her  studentship. Thus to ensure a favorable atmosphere for qualitative development  of the student, the college authority and the student are to be inclusive of  the aims and objectives of higher education. As co-education is accepted, composition  of the student will be in conformity with rules of the Government. Demand for a  seat must follow the due procedure. As far as possible work culture among the  students and employees must form the basic theme of study and service with the  sense of participation and understanding the rights and responsibilities of the  applicant. Aspirants for seats in this college should avail prior contact with  the college office soon after publication of qualifying examination results.








The long cherished dream to fulfill the need for  higher education in this remotest corner of the tribal and backward district of  Kalahandi and on the frontier of Odisha-Chhatisgarh came to reality on 7th August 1980 with the successful  establishment of Panchayat College, Dharamgarh by ceaseless efforts of the  local stalwarts. The college started off in the modest Panchayat Bhawan with 64  students and 11 numbers of Teaching & Non-Teaching staffs. In 1982 the  college was shifted to the existing building constructed by the management  committee with land area of 10.44 acres obtained from the Gopinath Temple  Trust, Kashibahal, Dharamgarh


The college was accorded concurrence by the Govt.  of Odisha in 1980-81 and affiliation was obtained from Sambalpur University in  1980-81 for opening of intermediate class in Arts. Subsequently the college  began to expand its academic branches keeping harmony with the sweet flow of  the river Tel. Bachelors in Arts was introduced in 1985 . In 1987-88 the  college attained the status of a full fledged degree college. The college  imparts the facilities of Honours courses in the subjects of Economics,  Political Science, History and Odia. In the year 1992, +2 Science stream was  opened for the benefit of the local people and IT as elective subject in +2  Science and Arts Stream from the session 2004-05 respectively. Further in the  year 2009-10, +3 Science with Physics , Chemistry and Mathematics was opened  with 32 seats . In this year i.e. 2015-16 , +3 Science with Botany and Zoology  was opened with an intake capacity of 16 seats and +3 Science (PCM) seats were  enhanced from 32 seats to 64 seats with Honours in Physics , Chemistry,  Mathematics ( 16 seats each ) and also Honours in Botany and Zoology with 8  seats each.


In course of time the college has grown in size and  the sanctioned strength of the student increased to 1244 with number of  teaching and non-teaching staff increased to 23 and 16 respectively. The  college is now accommodated in a very massive building with a picturesque  campus.


The most essential need of hostel problem is partly  solved by one Girls’ Hostel and the construction of this Girls’ Hostel has been  made possible with U.G.C. grants. Recently 15 lakhs of rupees have been  approved by the Dept. of Higher Education, Govt. of Odisha for the construction  of classrooms.


A library was founded notwithstanding the scanty  funds at our disposal to cater to the basic needs of the students. We are  extremely grateful to acknowledge that the financial assistance obtained  recently from U.G.C. has enabled us to enrich the status of the college library  with 2612 text books, 5583 reference books thus a total of 8195 books and over  212 magazines and journals. We ardently hope that it will fulfill the need of  honours students to a great extent. The library will be enriched in future with  purchase of more books with U.G.C. assistance.


The college has already attained 33 years of its  existence. During the past 32 years it has marched ahead on the path of  progress. The discipline among the students, the sincerity of the teaching  staff and above all the smooth administration are laudable to create an  encouraging academic atmosphere.


Panchayat College, Dharamgarh as a premier  educational institution of the district is not only providing teaching  facilities but also undertaking different social awareness programme through  our NSS and YRC activities to solve the local problem in different fields. We  hope the irresistible missionary fervor of the members of the Governing Body,  discipline of the students and devotion of the staff, the college will make  great strides towards a brighter and prosperous future.

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