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The outer circle stands for  gathering unmeasurable wisdom and embrace the aspirant human mind, to ignite  the pursuit of knowledge to dispel the enveloped darkness of ignorance and  superstitions as well as to curb down age old social stigma and mentel inertia  widening the far-reaching horizon of academic depth.                       

Inner  circle stands as the basin of knowledge and wisdom.

 The sun symbolizes as the  embodiment of knowledge that dispels the darkness and embark on a new horizon  of bright future.

Alphabets P C D denotes outwardly  the Panchayat College , Dharamgarh but in perception it represents                       

P = Pure  mind                   

C =  Commitments towards Academic Excellence

D =  Dignity of knowledge

The symbolic representation of  lightened lamp indicates the joy of knowledge and life giving power. All the  way it leads to academic brightness . 

Green paddy stuff is the symbol  of country side village agriculture icon. As the college is based on the  rural set-up of agricultural aspiration and the area is well known as rice  bowel of Odisha, so green paddy stuff represents the socio-economic growth . A  dream symbol green and luxurious corn, also symbolizes love, faith, locality  and friendship.


.The fish symbolizes the watery  domain features as well as depth of knowledge. Water springs life and fish  represents the meaning of fertility, eternity, creativity, good luck and  transformation, determination and flow of life all together.


Flying bird is the symbol of  freedom and ability, able to fly multiple places, usually of vast distance one  can become bird like through the spirit of its ability and courage.

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