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  1. College Library shall remain open during the college hours on all working days.
  1. Books will be issued / received from 10:30Am. To 1:30Pm. And rest period is set apart for library official work and reference facility. Notice for this will be placed in the Library Notice .Board.


  1. Books will be issued to the students on production of the library card along with college Identity card and after return of books issued or renewed.
  1. No book is to be taken out before the student puts his/her signature on the issue register.


  1. Students must have to take note of the condition of the book issued and bring to the notice of the Librarian if any damage is found before taking it. Books are to be refunded intact.
  1. Books should be returned within two weeks, otherwise fine as fixed from time to time by the college authority shall be charged. If the students does not return the book(s) action will be taken as deemed fit.


  1. If the date of return falls on a holiday, it shall be accepted on the next working day or any other notified date with out time.
  1. Books will be issued as per the dates notified for that purpose.


  1. All books should be returned before the filling up forms for university/CHSE examinations, which ever is earlier. However, for reference, books may be issued on daily basis till 4.00 P.M.
  2. Except the members of the staff, no one else is allowed to enter inside the library.
  1. No one is allowed to take reference books, maps, journals, course of studies, question papers and Granthabali out side the Reading Room.


  1. Books lost or damaged must be replaced by the borrower or else three times of the price of the book shall be charged from the borrower.


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