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Mere buildings, books, men do not fill the true  value of higher learning. It is the rules and regulations those place each of  its inputs into right and optimum performance in their respective goals. As  such each employee and student is required to adhere to all the rules in  confluence with the Government and the UGC in their respective spheres. The  rules and regulations of the college are given below subject to change from  time to time, if so required, by the college authority.

  1. The academic session of the  college starts with June and ends with May of each year, divided into two terms  i.e., first term from June to December and second from January to May.
  3. The college office functions from  10.00AM. to 4.00PM. daily, except on Sundays and notified holidays. However,  Remedial classes, Extra moral lectures, guidance for Entry-into-Service and  other U.G.C. sponsored programmes will keep on going in holidays as and when  notified to that effect.
  5. Applicants successful in the  qualifying examinations as notified by the competent authorities are eligible  to apply for admission, as mentioned in the prospectus, sold to the applicants,  in due procedure and in prescribed time at the college counter.
  7. Admission into the college is not  a matter of right. For all applicants eligibility criteria laid down by college  for the purpose will be followed. Admission may be declined or cancelled on  valid reasons of misconduct, conviction by any court of law or any  undisciplined activity approved by the college authority. Production of the  Intimation letter at the time of admission, on the specific day and time is  compulsory.
  9. Selection of candidates for  admission will be on the basis of merit and reservation of seats shall be made  as per Government guidelines.
  11. Any student admitted if vitiates  the academic environ in any manner directly or indirectly through misconduct,  undisciplined behavior against any other student or employee may be expelled  from the college in due procedure.
  13. Students below the age of 18  years are required to seek admission supplemented by an undertaking furnished  by his/her parent/guardian at the time of submission of the duly filled up  application form.
  15. The applicant has to fill up the  form on his own. One can change his/her subject combination with in the  stipulated time notified for the purpose. Any change in the address for  communication need also be informed to the office.
  17. Entry of outsiders into the  college campus is subject to grant of permission of the Principal sought for  specific purpose.
  19. Habitual absence will not be  allowed. Absence on medical ground must be supported by a medical certificate  from a registered medical officer.
  21. Students and employees desirous  of being office bearers of any another registered society of any other pursuit  must avail permission of the principal prior to membership.
  23. Students to go on picnic, study  tour, either as a pleasure trip/subject related tour must seek prior permission  from the college authority and shall not claim any special benefit unless so  prescribed or pre deposit of a specific fee as directed by the principal.
  25. Applications for college leaving  certificates must be submitted in the prescribed format duly supported by  clearance certificates from the sections mentioned therein.the student is required to enclose the Library and Identity card,  running prizes, Athletic equipment etc.
  27. Dress code in prescribed colour  is compulsory for all students. Any variation is gross violation of dress code  and will be treated as an act of indiscipline.
  29. Tuition and admission fees are  payable once in one installment at the time of admission through a receipt for  equivalent payment. No payment without receipt will be accepted. It is  applicable for each admission to each stream and each session.
  31. Applications for C.L.C, Migration  Certificate, Conduct Certificate or any other duplicate document has to be  submitted through the counter supported by the prescribed fee receipt.
  33. Fees once deposited are not refundable except so  provided in the Rules.
  35. No one is allowed to write,  disfigure the walls, Black Boards any official writings and such activities  will be seriously viewed.
  37. The College garden is our index  of our love for nature, environment; thus it would be preserved with care. Any  act of anyone against the sense of nursing the garden and plants will be  penalized on report without consideration.
  39. Attendance of students will be  strictly adhered to inconformity with Government Rules.
  41. A student if desires to meet the  Principal, can do so, on any working day with prior permission.
  43. A student who fails to get  promoted to the next year of the course has to apply for the first year again.
  45. No meeting inside the campus can  be organized or associations be formed without the prior permission of the  college authority
  47. Information regarding other aspects will be  available in respective chapters.
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