Blood Donation Camp

The long cherished dream to fulfill the need for higher education in this remotest corner of the tribal and backward district of Kalahandi and on the frontier of Odisha-Chhatisgarh came to reality on 7th August 1980 with the successful establishment of Panchayat College, Dharamgarh by ceaseless efforts of the local stalwarts. The college started off in the modest thatched house with 64 students and 11 numbers of Teaching & Non-Teaching staffs. In 1982 the college was shifted to the existing building constructed by the management committee with land area of 10.44 acres obtained from the Gopinath Temple Trust, Kashibahal, Dharamgarh.

The long cherished dream to fulfill the need for higher education in this remotest corner of the tribal and backward district of Kalahandi and on the frontier of Odisha-Chhatisgarh came to reality on 7th August 1980 with the successful establishment of Panchayat College, Dharamgarh by ceaseless efforts of the local stalwarts. The college started off in the modest thatched house with 64 students and 11 numbers of Teaching & Non-Teaching staffs. 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